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Beyblade-Shop® is a site dedicated to the Beyblade universe. It offers you all the Beyblade tops, arenas and launchers essential for spinning top combat!

1-Beyblade Metal Fusion2-Beyblade Metal Masters3-Beyblade Metal Fury4-Beyblade Shogun Steel

Because the satisfaction of the bladers is essential to us, if you have the slightest problem with the Post Office, we will immediately return your product to you in a tracked package (in accordance with our GTC).

But that’s not all ! The brand lets us know that the Superking launchers will be the best Beyblade launchers! Indeed, it is here about string launchers, which make it possible to launch with a considerable power, and the length of the string of these launchers makes it possible to make up to eleven turns of the top at the time of launching, which is the maximum today!