Toupie Beyblade Burst Naked Longinus 0Turn Rise Sen



Buy the Beyblade Naked Longinus 0Turn Rise Sen spinner ! Endurance type it is ideal for fighting against attack type or defense type tops as long as you master dodge movements and know how to withstand enemy attacks!

Beyblade top composition

  • Gatinko chip: Longinus 
  • High layer: Sen
  • Base coat: Naked
  • Forged disc: 0
  • Frame: Turn 
  • Performance tip: Rise 

Additional information about Naked Longinus

  • Product code: B 156-04
  • Type: Endurance
  • Rotation: Left
  • System: Gatinko Layer System
  • Series / season: Beyblade Burst Rise (season 4)
  • Brand: Takara Tomy
  • Booster: spinning top without launcher Beyblade

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