Glyph Valtryek V5 and Zone Balkesh B5 – Tournament Pack



Purchase the Beyblade Burst Rise Tournament Pack and jump into the Season 4 HyperSphere system! Discover a Valtryek V5 in defense type and bring honor to this spinning top family by winning your Blader duels!

Beyblade tops from the tournament pack

  • Glyph Valtryek V5 1 ‘  Orbital-H
  • Balkesh area B5 8 ‘Spiro-H

Glyph Valtryek V5

  • Gatinko chip: Valtryek V5
  • Base layer: Glyph
  • Forged disc: 1 ‘ 
  • Performance tip: Orbital-H
  • Top Type: Defense 
  • Rotation: Right

Balkesh area B5 

  • Gatinko chip: Balkesh B5  
  • Base layer: Zone
  • Forged disc: 8 ‘
  • Performance tip: Spiro-H
  • Top Type: Attack
  • Rotation: Left

Additional information about the tournament pack

  • Product code:  F0839
  • System: HyperSphere
  • Series / season: Beyblade Burst Rise (season 4)
  • Brand:  Hasbro
  • Double Starter: spinning tops with Beyblade Burst launchers

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