Bushin Hydra Retsu


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Bushin Hydra Retsu is an energy layer of the Gatinko Layer system. Use it to change the look of your favorite Beyblade tops and show your blader friends that you’re not here to joke but to win your battles!

Composition of the Layer Beyblade Burst Rise

  • Gatinko chip: Hydra
  • Base coat: Bushin
  • Weight: Retsu

Additional information about Bushin Hydra Retsu

  • Product code: B-147 02
  • Main affinity: Defense
  • System: Gatinko Layer System
  • Series / season: Beyblade Burst Rise (season 4)
  • Brand: Takara Tomy 
  • Layer confirmed only

 Reminder of the rules of a duel of bladers: the rounds are in 3 winning points. If your top is the last one standing or if it throws the opposing top out of the arena you get a point. If it makes an explosive KO (the opposing top flies to pieces) you win two.
Get ready for hyper-speed! 



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