Brave Valtryek V6 Aero ‘Evolutional-SP with Super Launcher



Brave Valtryek V6 Aero ‘Evolutional-SP is the spinning top of Valt Aoi in season 5 of Beyblade Burst. It is part of the SpeedStorm system which has the particularity of adding metal inside the drivers. This is what will make the performance tip heavier and allow the top to regain acceleration in the arena during its fights.

Contents of the Sparkling Power Pack

  • Storm Chip: Valtryek V6 
  • Ring: Brave 
  • Forged disc: Aero ‘ 
  • Performance tip: Evolutional-SP
  • Beyblade Burst Super Launcher with Sparkles

Additional information for Brave Valtryek V6

  • Product code: F0581
  • Type: Attack
  • Rotation: Right
  • System: SpeedStorm
  • Series / season: Beyblade Burst Surge (season 5)
  • Owner: Valt Aoi
  • Starter: spinning top with Super Launcher Spark Beyblade
  • Brand: Hasbro
  • Takara Tomy Model: Brave Valkyrie Evolution ‘2A

 Reminder of the rules of a duel of bladers: the rounds are in 3 winning points. If your top is the last one standing or if it throws the opposing top out of the arena you get a point. If it makes an explosive KO (the opposing top flies to pieces) you win two.
Get ready for hyper-speed! 



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