Beyblade Metal Zero-G Launcher


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To launch your Beyblade Metal Fusion spinning top with precision in a Beyblade fight use this lightweight Zero-G launcher ! Thanks to its vertical arrangement and its rack you will be able to concentrate your forces to start your duels in the best conditions! 

Beyblade Zero-G Launcher Information

  • Product code: BBG-05
  • Brand: Takara Tomy
  • Type: vertical rack launcher
  • Red color
  • Series / season: Beyblade Shogun Steel (Metal Fight Beyblade season 4)
  • System: Synchrome System or Zero G System
  • Free delivery via Colissimo


 Basic rules of a Beyblade Metal Fusion fight 

  1. A Beyblade Metal duel must take place in an arena or Beystadium.
  2. Only one throw per round. The round ends when a top has left the arena or stops spinning.
  3. The player whose top is last standing or in the arena wins the point.
  4. If a player touches the Beyblade arena during a duel their opponent scores 3 points.
  5. The games are played over 3 rounds the winner is the one who wins the most points.



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