Beyblade Burst Victory Valkyrie Bumper Assault Top


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Check out this recolored version of Valt Aoi’s spinning top with Victory Valkyrie Bumper Assault ! Exclusive to Corocoro Comics this pretty layer of energy is white yellow and red. Use it in your Beyblade spinning top battles and wow your opponents!

Beyblade top components

  • Energy Layer: Victory Valkyrie
  • Forged disc: Bumper 
  • Performance tip: Assault

Features of Victory Valkyrie Bumper Assault

  • Product code: B 00 (Corocoro Comics)
  • Type: Attack
  • Rotation: Right
  • System: Dual Layer System
  • Series / season: Beyblade Burst Evolution (season 2)
  • Booster: spinning top without launcher Beyblade
  • Brand:  Takara Tomy 
  • Original model:  Victory Valkyrie Boost Variable

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