Beyblade Burst Random Booster Volume 7



Random Booster Volume 7 contains one of the following Beyblade Burst tops

  • Maximum Garuda 8Flow Flugel (endurance type)
  • God Valkyrie 2 Flugel (endurance type)
  • Kreis Satan Yell Spiral (attack type)
  • Blaze Ragnaruk Nine Liner (balance type)
  • Draciel Shield 4Flow Cycle ( endurance type )
  • Dranzer Spiral 6Cross Spiral ( attack type )
  • Acid Anubis 8Vortex Loop (defense type)
  • Jail Jormungand 6 Glaive Nothing (endurance type)

Further information 

  • Product code: B 87
  • System: God Layer System
  • Season 2: Beyblade Burst Evolution 
  • Brand: Takara Tomy 
  • Name: Random Booster Vol. 7 Maximum Garuda.8F.Fl

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