Beyblade Burst Random Booster Volume 16



Random Booster Volume 16 contains one of the following Beyblade Burst Rise tops

  • Flare Dragon Around Planet Sen (endurance type)
  • Gaia Dragoon Around Hunter ‘(attack type)
  • Flare Ashura 5 Survive Retsu (endurance type)
  • Slash Joker 10 Keep Metsu (defense type)
  • Crash Ragnaruk 7Bump Fusion ‘(balance type)
  • Hazard Kerbeus 00Hit Guard ( defense type )
  • Geist Fafnir Ratchet Gyro ( endurance type )
  • Revive Phoenix 8’Meteor Accel ‘(attack type)

Further information 

  • Product code: B 146
  • System: Gatinko Layer System
  • Season 4: Beyblade Burst Rise 
  • Brand: Takara Tomy 
  • Name: Random Booster Vol. 16 Flare Dragon.Ar. Pl Sen

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